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2024 PWYA Scholarship Applications Due


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PWYA Scholarship Purpose

Plover Whiting Youth Athletics (PWYA) is a volunteer coordinated, non-profit, community sports organization, serving our area youth.  Through collaborative efforts with local governments, businesses, parents, and coaches, we strive to offer a fun sporting experience that fosters participation, leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, skill development, responsibility, and healthy competition.

In that Spirit, PWYA has created the Plover Whiting Youth Athletics Scholarship Fund.  The PWYA Scholarships are designed to aid students that have participated in the PWYA program, who chose to achieve a post-secondary education in college, trade school or a certification program.  Our purpose for sponsoring the scholarships is to provide quality educational opportunities for students that benefitted from participating in PWYA activities.  We believe that by supporting additional education and training, we are investing in the future of youth athletics.  Todays athletes are tomorrows coaches, umpires and volunteers.  PWYA is thrilled to help athletes attain their career goals through PWYA Scholarships. 

Every year, PWYA will award up to four $1000 scholarships for applicants who meet all of the eligibility requirements.  All Scholarships are made payable to the school you will be attending.  Recipients can only receive one lifetime award.  

Anti-Discrimination Statement

No person shall be refused benefits of any corporate service because of their sex, race, color, religion or national origin.  PWYA, including its directors, officers, employees and agents, shall not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion or national origin in the administration of its programs, selection of its directors, selection of its officers, or in any other respect.

Ross Ballard

PWYA Secretary

Past Recipients